Our Banknote Counters

Money counters fall into two categories, single-currency counters and valuers
The interest of the banknote counters with respect to the detectors is that of the bundles of mixes or not of banknotes. So we can know how many tickets we have in our procession. Single currency counters can count and detect multiple currencies (USD, EUR GBP, XOF etc); they use ultraviolet and magnetic detectors, they are programmed and designed to handle larger volumes while recognizing markings. The simple models do not recognize the denomination of the ticket it tells you the number of items count and stops counting on the bills not having the required characteristics.
single bill counters are recommended for cashiers who have tickets already sorted by denomination in their cash drawers
Cash counters recognize the denomination of each banknote and if you put a $ 100 bill + a $ 50 bill + a $ 20 bill, it will show you the amount = $ 170
You can put the mixed bundle of banknotes and the valuator will count them and detect by UV MG IR and give you the total number counted.
Most bill counters are equipped with batch functions that will stop counting as soon as a counted ticket threshold is reached.