Our counterfeit detectors

We distinguish two types of counterfeit detectors: Manual and Automatic

-The manual counterfeit money detectors are equipped with ultraviolet UV lamps, it is the violet light that makes it possible to reveal the original markings, with these detectors it is the user who takes the responsibility of the detection, A magnetic sensor can to be added as an option. Thus the user must know the markings of the tickets and learn to recognize them.
 These detectors are useful for professionals in banks; because with these detectors can also control certificates and driving licenses and all documents that have UV signs
-The automatic counterfeit detectors are useful for supermarkets and non-professional users because it is the machine that automatically controls the notes, ultraviolet, infrared sign, magnetic wire. You just have to pass a ticket through the hole one by one and the detector will tell you the authenticity of tickets checked.
The most advanced models can also indicate the value of the ticket control